Bringing Your Energy Back

Stop Giving Away Your Energy

BringBackEnergy Throughout our lives we tend to give away our energy. We give it to our families, our friends, our clients and even strangers, particularly if we are empaths. Then we are left feeling drained and exhausted. 

Some people seem to drain us more than others…you know those people! Every time you see them they have something negative to say. They leave you feeling flat and exhausted and they walk away feeling great. Because you topped them up with your own energy! Energetic Boundaries are important, and it’s also important not to give your energy away in the first place. 

Boundaries and Protection

When meeting ‘those people’ ground yourself first, by imagining tree roots growing out if your feet (or whatever works for you). Next imagine your aura bring cleanser by earth, water, wind or fire, then put a strong energetic boundary or bubble around yourself, and imagine it repelling anything negative, and filtering so that only experiences and energy that is accordance with your highest good can filter through. 

If you have to give energy to that person, draw it up from the tree roots or down from the Universe, and see yourself as a hollow reed, so that it flows THROUGH you, not FROM you. This will lessen the impact they gave on you. 

Once they leave, there are several methods to clean, clear and seperate their energy from yours, which I teach in Reiki Workshops. But you can also then call any of your energy back to you. 

Our energy can also simply be physically and emotionally drained by our day-to-day living. 

Stopping giving away our energy might mean that we let go of the attachments, circumstances, jobs, relationship, addictions and even physical items that no longer serve us. 

We can let go of the relationships in our lives that are no longer beneficial, choosing to focus on those who invest in us as much as we invest in them.

We can learn to forgive, letting go of grudges, bitterness and negative feelings. We can find a way to forgive ourselves for our own mistakes, choosing to accept that we did the best we could at the time.

Cutting Psychic Cords

When it comes to calling your energy back from other people and cutting cords, here is a ritual I use!

• Imagine the person you want to cut cords eith is standing in front of you. 

• Visualise an energetic infinity ♾️ symbol going around the back of them, and around the back of you. See it swirling and linking you both together (which is actually what’s been happening).

• See a huge knife 🔪 or sword ⚔️ come down and cut the centre of the infinity ♾️.

• State out loud “ I now return back to you, that which belongs to you, and I draw back to me that which belongs to me. Go in peace. 

• Visualise all the parts of you that you’ve given away, returning back to you. I often see them almost like shards of glass flying back to surround my aura like an egg, surrounding me and strengthening my aura and my energy. 

• Forgive, bless and dismiss them, and wish them well. You are now free, and not only will you feel the shift, but they will too! 

Bringing Your Energy Back

You can also bring your energy back to yourself from wherever it has leaked or been given away, without having to actually call up people or specific incidences. 

• Go outside and stand in the sun and fresh air. Bare feet on the earth if you wish. 

• Extend your arms outwards in front of you. 

• Imagine scooping energy back into yourself with your hands, all of the energy that you have either given away or have allowed to be taken away. 

• Say to yourself: “I bring all of my energy back to myself.” 

Bringing back our energy is a powerful and symbolic way to master our inner strength, nurture our soul and improve our self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. It allows us to rekindle our personal power and is one easy and effective way to remind you that you are the master of your own soul and have sovereignty over your energy. 


We don’t spend nearly enough time recharging our energy when we need to, and it can leave us feeling unbalanced and exhausted.
Start by putting stronger boundaries around your time and energy. Then take time out to rest, sit in the sunshine, spend time ruth positive people, nurture your body with good nutrition and exercise, go for a walk or do other things that lift your spirits.

We can work with Energy techniques such as Reiki, Kinesiology and others, or do specific exercises that build your energy such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga, and others. Once you make a habit of it, you’ll start recharging your batteries and keeping them full. 

These are just a few things you can do to begin to start living your life with more energy and vitality, and stand in your power. 

Carol xo 🙏