Download Forms to Complete and MP3s to Listen to!

These downloads and FREE MP3s are to support you on your healing journey and ensure your appointment with Carol is easy, efforrtless and time efficient.

Download and complete the following relevant Client Forms, plus the Feelings Indicator to read through to save time, then bring your client form with you when you come in for your appointment or upload to our portal on the Bookings Page.. 

You can also download the FREE MP3s below to support and motivate you throughout your chang

Client Forms


Feelings Indicator Information for those doing hypnosis, to help understand how your emotions work. 

Hypnosis Client Form for general hypnosis for adults, e.g. Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Fears, Phobias, Addictions, etc.

Children’s Hypnosis Form – hypnosis works well for kids with all kinds of issues, i.e. bedwetting, exam stress, bullying, etc.

Stop Smoking Client Form for those wanting to Quit Smoking.

Drug & Alcohol Client Form for those wanting to be free of various addictions.

Weight Reduction Client Form for those wanting to focus on Weight Reduction.

Eating and Exercise Plans for health and weight management, Stress Management and Lifestyle advice downloads can be found throughout my other web pages, so please look through all sections and blogs to find a wealth of information I’ve gathered through over 25 years of work in fitness, health, stress management, self-defense and more!


Reiki Client Information Form

Reiki Workshop Registration Form

Louise Hay – Heal Your Body PDF on Metaphysics


Touch for Health Client Information Form


Stress and the Mind-Body Connection article to read, and a Hypnotic Spiral for a bit of fun

CDs to support your transformation into your NEW LIFE!

Weight Reduction MP3s & Eating Plan

Download Files:

W L Introduction

WL Session 1

WL Session 2

WL Session 3

WL Affirmations

Weight Loss Tips

Carol’s 6 Week Weight Loss Program

Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band Work Book for Clients. If you are coming in for the Hypnotic Gastric Band, here is a book to help with your progress.


Pain Management MP3

Download File:
Pain Relief

To download files, right click and save to your hard drive.

Download “Introduction to Hypnosis CD” to your Desktop or folder, and either import the mp3 files into your iTunes, copy onto your mp3 Player or burn onto a CD. Play the CD each night to help you go into hypnosis easily, relax and de-stress, balance your energy, sleep well, and learn self-hypnosis. Recommended for clients to listen to, for at least one week before your consultation to get a greater understanding of hypnosis and have a little practice first. Continue to listen for a calmer, more relaxed life!

You may also like to check out and purchase two excellent books which I would recommend: The Secret Language of Feelings by Cal Banyan, and Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping. Simply go to the websites and follow the links. Colin also has some brilliant worksheets to download for your healing process. Weight Loss Clients can also download a Healthy Eating Plan on the Health page, as well as other useful information.
Then either email back to me, or bring in with you for your first appointment.

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Totally amazing woman I have known and used for many years. Can personally recommend her reiki courses, reiki healing, hypnosis and healings.
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