Essential Oils for Psychic Protection

Essential Oils for Clearing Negative Energy

Entering a space can make you feel light and uplifted, or leave you feeling depleted and drained. Either way, you are responding to the energy of that environment. Along with Smudging, Essential Oils can help you clear that energy out and raise your vibrational frequency to give you protection and rid your space of negative energy? They can also work to give Psychic protection from negative energy entities, or attachments. 

Energy and vibrations make up everything in the universe, and although many people are not necessarily aware on a conscious level, they are affected by their influence subconsciously. We are like radio receivers continually picking up vibrations, but unfortunately from an early age we begin to tune them out as we are taught to focus more on the outer world, rather than our inner feelings.

Protecting yourself from psychic attacks isn’t just about warding off ghosts and goblins, it is also about protecting yourself from the day-to-day of life that can sometimes draw in negative emotions, thoughts and people, especially if you live in a big city or spend a lot of time in crowded places you are absorbing the energy around you whether you realize it or not.

Some oils are better at it than others, but here is the list of oils that can be used for this type of work. They are best used in diffusion and air sprays, but can also be used as a body oil (mix with a carrier oil first) or drops added to your bath. 

Cleansing your aura and building up a shield of protection can help you to maintain your energy and keep your mind and body clear.

🍃 Basil

Basil has been held sacred all over most of the world. Known well for its protection when in crowds. Basil is well regarded as a spirit plant in many countries in the world, meaning its well known for its spiritual properties. Thus, Basil essential oil is a renown spiritual essential oil.

Basil essential oil is useful for any spirit or spell work for fertility and love. Due to it’s amazing sympathetic vibrations, it works wonders on family spiritual protection, eliminating negativity and soothing arguments by calming the nerves.

This essential oil is perfect for the Heart chakra, stimulating and purifying this important energetic gateway. Also fantastic for boosting the energetic frequency between your heart and your hands.

Basil essential oil is also associated with clairvoyance and honesty, if you’re truly able to accept and believe what it will help you to see.

It’s another ancient oil, having has been used for thousands of years to neutralise energy. 

I use this essential oil on my Throat chakra.

🌳 Cedarwood Essential Oil

This woody essential oil, produces a spiritual vibration which purifies and grounds the body. As this is a tree oil, it’s not hard to conceive that.

Cedarwood is a cleansing essential oil, which means it is excellent for purging negative energy from people and places. So, if you are carrying or suspect you are carrying a negative spiritual bogey, this is the essential oil for returning your spiritual protection.

Similarly, in terms of good practice, use Cedarwood essential oil to cleanse your spiritual working space to eliminate any residual energies that maybe lurking from previous spiritual work. Or, if it’s a new space, always clear it because you can’t be sure what maybe there.

Cedarwood  is a majestic tree that expresses a great spiritual strength, exactly whats needed in time of “attack of negative energies”. 

I recommend using Cedarwood essential oil at the beginning of your spiritual work to cleanse your aura, chakras and environment. This essential oil is ideal for the Root chakra.

🌰 Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil is useful for spiritual protection because it promotes healing and makes us feel braver and more certain.

Clove essential oil is ideal for strengthening the conscious mind, helping us to recover lost memories, which is very advantageous in spiritual work.

This makes Clove essential oil ideal for the Crown Chakra or Third Eye energy centres.

Spiritual work often leads to powerful personal insights, these can bring physical and emotional pain, Clove essential oil can help us to heal from this.

Clove Essential Oil facilitates a connection between our physical and emotional wellbeing, which is very valuable in my work as a Psychic Intuitive Healer.

🌲 Cypress

Cypress will purify surrounding energies while uplifting vibration levels at the same time. You will feel grounded and secure as a result. 

🌳 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus essential oil is a household familiar, usually just associated with coughs and colds. But like all essential oils, it treats mind, body and soul too.

Eucalyptus leaves and branches are burnt by our Australian Aboriginal people to “smoke” a person’s aura or a place and this practice has been used for centuries amongst our people. 

I would also use Eucalyptus essential oil for spiritual protection when I wanted to purify any spaces where verbal, emotional or physical battles have occurred.

This essential oil literally removes bad odours, which is why you find it used in public steam rooms and saunas, and opens up your airways. Therefore this is a great chakra opening essential oil and another clearer of residual energy.

I use this essential oil on the Sacral chakra.


Frankincense is known as the king of oils and is a powerful high vibe essential oil that helps clear lower vibrations, dense energies and negativity, emotionally being the oil of truth this powerful cleanser helps to create new perspectives by removing barriers from the mind and heart, connecting the soul with its inner light. Frankincense is often used for purification and even exorcisms.

Frankincense essential oils provenance is ancient, just recall the Three Wise Men and their precious gifts to the baby Jesus. There are so many stories of Egyptian grave robbers stealing Frankincense before the gold.

Frankincense is a spiritual gateway essential oil, it’s very easy to access your spiritual self when smelling this fabulous essential oil. It’s also believed to bring its user the power of positive attraction and who doesn’t want more of that! 

I recommend this essential oil for the Crown chakra.

🌸 Geranium

Geranium essential oil is one of my surprise spiritual protection oils. I would say this essential oil isn’t often associated with spiritual matters, it’s more renown for its emotional prowess.

However, a useful spiritual protection essential oil she is! Geranium essential oil facilitates increased awareness of the spiritual realms and deepens any secular experience.

So, Geranium essential oil is the one for you if you’re struggling to get spiritual in the first place.

And, what’s so lovely about Geranium essential oil, is that whilst she’s helping you to achieve a spiritual connection she’s working on your Solar Plexus chakra and strengthening your feels of self-love and appreciation.

Inspiring Geranium essential oil has powerful protection and purification vibrations, improving your connection with the Divinity and bringing inner peace. 

And, if that isn’t enough of a gift, Geranium essential oil defends against all incoming negative energy.

🌳 Juniper

Juniper negates negativity. By purifying negative energy in the environment and from other people, Juniper cleanses energies harmful to good health. Juniper can also transform negative emotions into positive

💜 Lavender

Lavender clears out energies that will not leave a space. Traditionally used to neutralize bad frequencies during cleansing rituals. Lavender is also known to be relaxing, so havng it in a room before a social event can prevent negative energy before it starts. 

Lavender essential oil is and will always be my favourite essential oil for mind, body and soul, and in another level is like a band-aid in a bottle, which is awesome for healing cysts, scratches and burns. 

Lavender originates from Latin verb “lavare,” meaning to wash. This essential oil offers spiritual protection by literally washing your spirit clean.

Not only that gift does she bestow, she’s ideal for all spiritual rituals involving health, love, and peace.

Lavender essential oil can scatter depression and helps us to control our emotional self. She induces happiness and harmony in the home by providing quietness, ensuring fidelity and devotion to relationships.

Lavender essential oil is the most commonly used oil for meditation work, for her calming and soothing abilities.

I therefore recommend Lavender essential oil for spiritual protection to bring you into a deeper state of meditative concentration.

I recommend Lavender essential oil for the Heart and Sacral chakras.

🌿 Lemongrass

The oil of Cleansing, it has a powerful mission to assist in cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually so is a powerful tool in clearing the energy within a house or work space. It assists one in letting go of limiting beliefs, past issues, lethargy, stagnant or toxic energies and negativity encouraging individuals to courageously let go of everything they no longer need.

🌿 Myrrh

Myrrh purifies the environment. Beyond myrrh’s negative environmental transformations, combined with other oils it increases their potency. 

🌱 Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil is perfect for grounding your mind, body and soul. So, if you are struggling to get into the right headspace for spiritual work or hold any anxieties around your spiritual protection, this is the essential oil to use. This essential oil is good for spiritual protection, purification, grounding and cleansing.

Peppermint essential oil is a sweat lodge favourite because it stimulates the senses, improves stamina, focus and alertness. It’s also ideal for meditations and spiritual ceremonies.

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most concentrated oils available and to that end it must be diluted with an air purifier or essential oil diffuser. 

You can safely dry inhale this essential oil from your palms to quickly access your spiritual self but I wouldn’t recommend applying it directly to your skin, please use a carrier oil.

I recommend this essential oil for work on the Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras.

There is so much I could tell you about this magnificent essential oil…… but my blog on this minty perfection got pulled in the current climate. Once everything has calmed down I will repost it!

🍊 On Guard Blend

On Guard is a blend from dōTERRA which contains Clove bud, Wild Orange, Cinamon bark/leaf, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, which are each wonderful oils for psychic and spiritual protection. It also has wonderful protection qualities as well as killing air-born and surface bacteria and viruses. 

💧 Purify Blend

Purify is one of dōTERRA‘s blends which makes a wonderful space cleanser, it can clear negative energy from the household and the environment, diffused in the air this oil blend can facilitate emotional breakthroughs, “In order to heal, one must receive. But in order to receive, one must first release what is blocking the new, clean energy from entering” this blend supports individuals in constantly releasing the old so they may be open to the new.

🌹 Rose

Rose is an immemorial oil, considered the queen of all oils it is the oil with the highest vibrational frequency. It is known for lifting moods and the energy in a room. It is often used in aura clearing sprays, as well as diffusing. Rose oil is also good for psychic protection due to its high frequency vibration. 

🌱 Rosemary Essential Oil

Fresh scented Rosemary essential oil is, unsurprisingly, a spiritual purification oil. And, I am talking purification of the mind, body and spirit, Rosemary essential oil is super stimulating, makes quick work of any psychic or spiritual blockages and clears negative energy.

Rosemary essential oil is excellent for use in spells and rituals, not only helping you to remember what you’re doing but why you are doing it. A great help if you suffer from brain fog courtesy of your hormones; #menopause

Spiritual Rosemary is the essential oil for love, long life, friendship and happiness.

Traditionally, Rosemary essential oil was used by the Greeks for their gods and goddesses.

Rosemary has traditionally been burned in Greek temples as a sacrifice for gods and goddesses.

I would use Rosemary essential oil on your Sacral chakra.

If you are indigenous to Europe, I would especially recommend this essential oil for spiritual protection due to your historical genetic connection. This will give it a greater chance of success.

🍃 Sage

Sage or Clary Sage neutralizes existing negativity and makes a psychic shield against tensions. Historically used by Native Americans to clear the air of negativity. 

Sage smoke, generally created by smudge sticks is known by North American Indians for giving spiritual protection through energy clearing.

Sage essential oil emits powerful negative ions, which are generated in the air after a storm or by the ocean. Which is why we usually feel so much clearer after a storm has passed or when we’re down by the sea.

For spiritual protection, I recommend rubbing sage essential oil on to your pulse points, ideally in a carrier oil. This is a quick and simply way to get it into your system and rid you of any energetic blockages.

Or, put it in your diffuser for about 15 to 20 minutes before you start your spiritual work to create spiritual protection by cleansing away any negative energies.

The Greeks and Romans discovered that sage smoke brings wisdom and mental acuity, the essential oil will do the same thing.

You can also use sage essential oil to neutralise the energies in your home. By bringing the diffused essential oil around your body and in your auric field, you can neutralize discordant energies.

This essential oil is good for clearing blockages from all of the chakras.

🌳 Sandalwood

Sandalwood is another very purifying oil. Along with clearing my home with sage during the full and new moon cycles, I like to diffuse it near the front door. The front door is known as the “mouth of Chi” in Feng Shui, and diffusing sandalwood here supports a more powerful and positive flow of energy into your home. 

Sandalwood essential oil is another spiritual protection heavy weight, with thousands of years of spiritual provence.

Sandalwood essential oil is a spiritually grounding oil, it helps to channel distracted mental energies back into the physical self. This oil is perfect for recalling our energies back into ourselves, an important part of centred spiritual protection.

This protective oil is ideal for improving clairvoyance, divination and meditation and therefore is best used to annoint the Third Eye chakra.

Sandalwood essential oil attracts the greatest spiritual vibrations, opening up our highest spiritual energy centres. It is possible to achieve mental and physical ecstasy when used correctly.

🌾 Vetiver

Vetiver essential oil offers spiritual protection on a mental wellbeing level by way of cleansing and purifying our mental and emotional energy fields.

This essential oil increases the flow of vital energy both in our mental and emotional bodies.

Grassy Vetiver essential oil is ideal to create tranquility in our souls, sharpen our intuition and centre our energetic thoughts.

I recommend this essential oil be used for clearing any unwanted or negative thoughts that may harm our spiritual protection. It helps to put us in the right emotional space for rewarding spiritual work.

I use Vetiver essential oil on my Sacral chakra, to open and give it spiritual protection.

🌼 Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil is another one of my surprising spiritual protection essential oils; well certainly in our western culture! This essential oil is generally more associated with stimulating sexual energy, it’s a powerful aphrodisiac.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is perfect for calming angry or negative emotional state, which spiritual work can generate, especially frustration if nothing appears to be happening!

I recommend using Ylang ylang essential oils for all rituals for peace, sex, and love. I use it on my Root chakra.

I would also use Ylang ylang essential oil for all gratitude prayers, this is an important part of spiritual protection, by helping to boost it through positive vibrations.

 ☮️ Here are 2 blends which I find very effective.

• BLEND 1 contains Clove, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Lavender, Geranium, Vetiver and Peppermint. 

• BLEND 2 contains Cedarwood, Frankincense, Geranium, Sage, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Basil and Eucalyptus.

When working with energy it is always important to make sure you use pure Essential Oils such as dōTERRA as many other cheaper  Essential Oils have fillers and synthetic chemicals to make them cheaper, and often have pesticides. Your Wholesale Account is the best value with a 25% Discount on Retail Prices.

Essential oils are great for cleansing and protection. Dab a few drops of sandalwood oil or any of the above oils, or a blend of several on the back of your neck to for psychic cleansing and protection. You can also cleanse your aura using an essential oil spray of lime, basil, bergamot and lavender and may add rose if you wish. Neroli and Myrrh are also great oils that help release negative spirits that could be attached to the body.

Other Methods of Protection

Here are some other methods for healing and protection:


Crystals that support cleansing and repel negative energies include- black onyx, obsidian, smokey quartz, amethyst, fluorite and tigers eye. Always use your intuition when choosing crystals but a general rule of thumb is that darker colored crystals tend to be better at absorbing negative energy.

White Light Meditation

Closing your eyes, take a few deep, mindful breaths to calm your heart and mind. Then in your minds eye imagine a beautiful, bright white light surrounding your entire body. Feel the light protecting, warming and comforting you. You can make the light as wide and as bright as you desire. You can even include objects or other people in your white light that you wish to send healing and protective energy to.

Sage- Smudging

Burning sage or smudging is an ancient Shamanic practice that is believed to help remove negative energies and spirits. Smudging is typically practiced in spaces such as your home or office however you can also smudge objects and your aura.

Epsom Salt Bath/ Psychic Showers

Set your intention then fill up a warm bath with salts, flowers, essential oils, crystals or any thing else that resonates with you. As you lower yourself into the bath, imagine all the negative energy being washed away. It may even help to do a body scan meditation where you focus on the negative energy lifting away off each part of your body.

You can also do the same technique in the shower if you are time poor. Just imagine the negative energy being washed away as the water hits your body. After your shower, massage essential oils or natural moisturizers into your skin while visualizing a beautiful healing white light.


Designing your own chant or prayer can be extremely powerful, the most important thing is that your chant resonates with you and that you feel the intention behind every word.

Here is a good example to get you started: “Divine Universe, Angels and Spirit Guides, I am grateful for this cleansing energy of white love and healing that you shine upon me. I ask your assistance in helping me to release all that is not aligned with my highest good. I ask that you help guide me to cleanse my space and aura so that only beings of light and love may dwell. I ask to receive a beautiful healing white light of protection and blessings. For this I give my heartfelt thanks.”

Bells/ Gongs/ Chimes

Bells, gongs and chimes are used in many cultures to help ward of negative energies and spirits. Ringing of bells is also said to help increase your spiritual power as they can help you attune to different frequencies and energy levels. The vibration of ringing bells can also break up negative or stagnant energy that is in the air. To cleanse your space or aura walk around the room or go around your aura, ringing the bell loudly and in a rhythmic pattern.

You can also hang bells or chimes by the door to help renew and keep the energy in your space clear.


Much like sage, the smoke from incense is believed to be cleansing and purifying. You can walk around your space or go around the outside of your body using the smoke to cleanse away any negative energies. Be mindful over what incense you use, some can carry artificial perfumes and toxins that could be harmful to your health. It is best to purchase pure essential oil incense.


There are many amulets or trinkets that you can wear or carry for protection including the cross, hamsa, and evil eye. Whether you are religious or not, these symbols hold great power and spiritual energy. Choose an amulet that resonates for you. You can also charge your amulet in the same way you would charge a Crystal.


Test them out and notice how much lighter you feel when your ‘space’, energy field/aura are lighter and clear.

For the purest Essential Oils I only recommend dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. They cost a little more but because of their purity you need a lot less, so they will last longer! You can get your own Wholesale Account at or ring me on 0413346637 for a free consultation.

Enjoy your journey to more positive energy in your aura, you home and in your life. 


Carol Macrae