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I offer 2 different Quit Smoking programs, because everyone is different. The first program is 2 sessions, and is for for those who have smoked for less than 15 years, and who feel that their smoking is just a habit. The second program is for those who have smoked for more than 15 years, and who are using their smoking as a way to deal with emotions, such as stress, anxiety, anger, grief, sadness, boredom, depression, etc.

The first session is the same for both programs, and will help us determine which program is right for you. If you come back for your second session and you are still a non-smoker and are feeling great, we will simply do the second session to double your chances of staying free. If you come back and you are stressed, cranky, thinking about the cigarettes a lot, or have even smoked, then we know that you’ve been using the cigarettes as a way to deal with your emotions, so we will need the third session to clear all your triggers and deal with the emotions that have caused you to smoke.

In order to change any habit, you need to want to make the change. No-one can do it for you, and I can’t make you do anything if you really don’t want to quit, so ask yourself if you really are ready. If not, that’s fine, come back and see me when you are, and we will work together when we know you are really ready!

I’f you’re really ready to stop smoking forever, get ready to start today. Attitude is everything! I never give up on anyone, so I want you to make a commitment to yourself today, that you are going to give this your 100% effort, to work with me and do whatever it takes to break the old habit and free yourself from a lifetime of slavery, to become a non-smoker forever.

Before you come to see me, we are going to start making changes in how you look at the cigarettes, and start changing your patterns. If you usually have your first cigarette at 7am, tomorrow I want you to wait an hour and start at 8am. The following day, start an hour later, and continue to move that first cigarette back. Do something else instead. Take a few deep breaths, have a glass of water or a piece of gum, go for a walk…do anything you like, but just delay that first one of the day. If an hour is too long, just move it back a half hour, as long as you are being proactive in your own journey.

Next, I want you to monitor how often you smoke. If you smoke every hour on the hour, I’d like you to start stretching the gap, and make it every 2 hours. If you forget and miss the time, then you have to miss it, and wait till the next one is due. Let’s make a game of it.

Quit Smoking Forever Booklet

Stop Smoking Forever Booklet


Other Helpful Material

Feelings Indicator


Stress and the Mind-Body Connection

An article to read, and a Hypnotic Spiral for a bit of fun.


5 Steps to Becoming Smoke-Free MP3s

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Step 1

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Stop Smoking MPs

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Stop Smoking Introduction
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Stop Smoking Session One
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Stop Smoking Session Two
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Stop Smoking Session Three
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Stop Smoking Session Four

Pain Management MP

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Pain Relief

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Download “Introduction to Hypnosis CD” to your Desktop or folder, and either import the mp3 files into your iTunes, copy onto your mp3 Player or burn onto a CD. Play the CD each night to help you go into hypnosis easily, relax and de-stress, balance your energy, sleep well, and learn self-hypnosis. Recommended for clients to listen to, for at least one week before your consultation to get a greater understanding of hypnosis and have a little practice first. Continue to listen for a calmer, more relaxed life!

You may also like to check out and purchase two excellent books which I would recommend: The Secret Language of Feelings by Cal Banyan, and Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping. Simply go to the websites and follow the links. Colin also has some brilliant worksheets to download for your healing process. Weight Loss Clients can also download a Healthy Eating Plan on the Health page, as well as other useful information.
Then either email back to me, or bring in with you for your first appointment.

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