Reiki Master and Teacher's Resources

The Reiki Master’s Level marks the completion of your Usui Reiki Ryoho training, and the beginning of a lifetime journey towards self-mastery. 

Here is your link to the current Reiki Master and Teacher’s Manual.

Below you will find other helpful material to for conducting attunements and some meditations, plus some very interesing material I have come across in my Reiki Studies, which I’m sure you will find as a valuable resource.

The Videos will also help you when it comes to attunement, plus those from levels 1 and 2.


Reiki Level 1: 1st Attunement
Reiki Level 1: 2nd and 3rd Attunements
How to do Reiki Attunements
Reiki Students Sue, Gerri and Scott discuss their Reiki Master's Attunement experience.