Carol Macrae CCH. RN (NP). JP. Director, Reiki Australia

Welcome to Mind-Body-Magic! I’m Carol Macrae, and I’ve spent more than 40 years helping people to heal the bodies, minds and soul. I first trained as a Registered Nurse, then owned and operated Fitness Centres for more than 40 years.

In 1998 I began my journey with Reiki, becoming a Reiki and Seichim Master and Teacher, and in 2005 I trained as a Clinical and 5-PATH Hypnotherapist. Since then I’ve studied NLP, Touch For Health Kinesiology, Theta Healing, Yi Dao, Kinetic Shift, The Silva System, and other mind-body healing modalities. I continue to research and study anything else I feel can help me to help my clients heal and have a better life.

I believe in an Integrative Wellness approach when helping my clients, as I know that everything is connected. Our mind affects our body and our energy. Fix one, and everything else comes back into balance. My goal is to help you heal and feel better FAST

I’ve helped thousands of clients and students over the years, and I know I can help you too. Read about my journey, and make an appointment to start living your best life!

Change Your Mind – Change Your Life!”

best hypnotherapy in Dubbo
Best Hypnotherapy in Dubbo

Carol has been recognised for her outstanding contribution as a Hypnotherapist and received this year’s Quality Business Award as the Best Hypnotherapist in Dubbo for 2022 by Quality Business Awards.  



Hypnotherapy is a safe, powerful tool used to help clients achieve their goals and bring about rapid change, using the power of the subconscious mind. 5-PATH Hypnosis uses advanced techniques to release outmoded beliefs, habits and patterns, and reach your true potential, to live their best life.

Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki is safe, natural form of hands on healing, using life-force energy to clear blockages and promote health & healing on a mental, physical, emotional & spiritual level. Carol also uses several other forms of energy medicine to help clients heal their lives, and open them up to their spiritual nature.

Touch for Health Kinesiology

TFH Kinesiology

TFH is a synthesis of Chinese Medicine and Western techniques, using muscle monitoring to assess the flow of energy through the meridians. TFH helps to restore balance to the mind and body and return you to optimum health, energy & vitality.

I recently did Reiki Level 1 with Carol & would definitely recommend it. Carol is such a beautiful and inspiring lady whose passion and love for helping those who she crosses paths with is so apparent. Much love to you Carol & Thank you.
Workshop Participant

We run a variety of Reiki Workshops and Reiki Shares throughout the year. Check our Workshops Page for dates and to register for our Reiki Levels 1 and 2, as well as Master workshops held at Red Earth Natural Healing Centre in Dubbo.

We also run Reiki Workshops for Children to open them up to healing and give them tools to change their lives from an early age.

When we have mental/emotional issues in our lives that cause us stress, anxiety, depression, anger and other emotional problems, this often leads to a block in the flow of the energy in our Aura or energy field.

There are several methods we can use to increase the flow of energy into this field, clear mental/emotional and energetic blocks, and bring about a state of balance to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

This brings about a state of true health and harmony and it is what we all come here to do.

Carol awarded Dubbo's BEST Hypnotherapist for 2022!

Carol has been recognised for her outstanding contribution as a Hypnotherapist and received this year’s Quality Business Award as the Best Hypnotherapist in Dubbo for 2022 by Quality Business Awards.  

Carol also placed number 1 in the Top 3 Best Rated Hypnotherapists in Dubbo in the Best Business of 2022 Awards at three best

Tools for a Balance Life

This website was created to give others the information and tools to overcome the obstacles they face in their lives and of course to heal and return back to a life of BALANCE! There are several downloads I use with my clients, which have been placed here for you to use to help bring about the positive changes you may be searching for. Please feel free to share them with friends. I will continually update these pages, so don’t forget to return back here from time to time. Please also take the time to follow the links I’ve added for more tools in self-help. These are some of the tools I’ve used throughout the years with my clients, so that they too may heal and learn the lessons of this lifetime.

Meridians and Emotions

The 14 Energy Meridians and Associated Emotions Each of the 14 Energy Meridians in the body is associated with a different set of emotions. Here

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