Terms and Conditions

General Acknowledgements

By booking and attending a treatment or session with Carol Macrae MIND-BODY-MAGIC, either in person or online, all clients are acknowledging and agreeing to the following Statements, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy:

That clients are aware of the types of therapy they will be receiving, including their purpose, methods and possible effects and that they understand and consent in full to this. That they understand that the treatment may be brought to an end at any time and that success of the treatment depends on the client’s ability to relax follow instruction, and desire to create change within themselves.

Clients understand that as part of the treatment we may be accessing painful memories and emotions with the intention of re-processing these, so some short terms discomfort may be possible. Clients have also read and accept the privacy notice within this document.

For hypnotherapy, Reiki or our other modalities to work it requires commitment and motivation on the side of the client hence we cannot guarantee results. People react differently to hypnosis and other therapeutic treatments so results may vary from person to person.

While hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Reiki and energy medicine are safe and natural by nature, if a client has any extreme condition including, psychosis, bipolar, schizophrenia or epilepsy, the client must get an opinion from their psychiatrist or doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

Any recordings or downloads from the carolmacrae.com website or received from this practice should never be used while operating heavy machinery, driving, or performing tasks which require concentration.

Specific Conditions for Online Therapy: Online therapy is not available to clients that are suffering from any diagnosed psychiatric condition, psychological illness or epilepsy nor anyone under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

For clients under the medical supervision of a psychiatrist it is required that clients provide written consent from your treating psychiatrist or medical professional, plus the following information on the questionnaire:

  • contact details for your next of kin and the correct physical address where you will be when you attend online therapy
  • name and full practice address and telephone number of their GP and that they authorise the therapist to contact the GP if the therapist regards it as essential for either the wellbeing of the client or others.

It is also required that clients:

  • agree that they will not harm themself or others (including the therapist or others on the premises) or damage any property belonging to the therapist or others. They will also refrain from abusive or disrespectful behaviour.
  • will ensure that the environment in which sessions are undertaken shall be safe and free from distractions and will inform the therapist if there is anyone else present or monitoring the session.
  • will not record the session (either by sound or visual means) without prior permission from the therapist.
  • understand and accept that the therapist may terminate the session without warning if the therapist should determine that the session has been booked for some purpose other than to receive therapy, and that should this occur, the client will remain liable for any session fee that may have been paid in advance.

Deposit Payment

As there is a lot of preparation which goes into each session we ask for a $100 deposit to confirm bookings. This is returnable at the last session where only the balance need be paid, notwithstanding the cancellations, postponements, no shows policy below. PLEASE NOTE A BOOKING IS NOT CONFIRMED (and may be reallocated) UNTIL THE DEPOSIT HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

Cancellations, postponements, delays, no shows:

Cancellations/postponements of appointments are sometimes unavoidable. However please give as much notice as possible. If a cancellation or postponement is within 24 hours or a no show, a 1 hour session WILL be charged if we can’t fill the slot within the time. Otherwise it would be the equivalent of loss of half a day’s work and this can really add up in a week. In the event of late arrival the chargeable duration of the session will be measured from the original agreed start time. No shows will forfeit the deposit. Please note where a face to face sessions is not practical, for example if a client is experiencing symptoms of a cold or during times of quarantine or social distancing, an online / Zoom session may be substituted in its place.

Payment terms: In the event that payment is not made in full upon booking, or at the session, it should be paid within 24 hours or an agreed upon time not more than 2 weeks. Failure to do so may be referred to a debt collection agency which will seek to recover the original debt plus their own costs and any pertaining legal costs and interest from the debtor.

Hypnotherapy and energy medicine are not an exact science. Any healing that occurs is a partnership between the client and the therapist, however Carol will always do her utmost to deliver a professional and effective service to exceed your expectations and effect positive change in your life.

Privacy Policy

*Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific outcomes and results may vary from person to person. Please take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy

Carol Macrae, Mind-Body-Magic is a part of iKi Magic, which is the Trading Name for DK & CA Macrae.