What is Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe, powerful tool used to help clients achieve their goals and bring about rapid change. Hypnosis is NOT sleep, or a state of unconsciousness or being controlled by someone else, it is a natural state of mind like daydreaming, that everyone goes in and out of every day. Everyday hypnosis occurs when you’re driving down the road and lose track of time, or when you are focusing on a book or television program or on Social Media, and time disappears.

During Hypnotherapy, clients are fully aware of everything at all times, and cannot be made to do anything against their will. They can talk and move, because they are not asleep or unconscious, and will hear every word, although many people say their mind wanders. Hypnosis is a state of focused concentration and heightened suggestibility with increased awareness, which allows access to the subconscious mind, bypassing the critical faculty, to evoke positive change through the use of imagination, visualization and other techniques designed to help the client achieve their goals.

Carol uses Clinical Hypnotherapy, 5-PATH® advanced Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Kinetic Shift, Waking and Conversational Hypnosis techniques and whatever is needed to guide you into the optimum state to help you make the changes you need to improve your life. These suggestions will enable you to use the power of the subconscious mind to stop the internal battles, change old habits, release sabotaging patterns and provide you with motivation to do the things that you may have been putting off. Hypnosis is a tool that can help you just, like it has helped millions of other people to take back control of their lives.

Carol has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2005 and Member of the Australian Hypnotherapist’s Association since 2007.

What is Hypnotherapy used for?

Hypnotherapy is useful for any situation where you need to make some positive changes to your life such as:

Specialty Areas

Although Carol works with clients who have a huge variety of issues and things they want to work on, here are 3 of the most common things people present with, plus some additional information and support to help you begin your transformation.

Can I be Hypnotised?

Anyone can be hypnotised- it’s all self-hypnosis! When you come in for hypnosis, all you need to do is to be able to follow the instructions of the hypnotherapist and you can put the power of hypnosis to work for you. Anyone of at least normal intelligence who can concentrate, and has and the willingness to follow instructions can experience hypnosis and use it to improve his or her life. This includes children and teenagers.

you will simply love the results you get once you release the limiting programs that have been holding you back. 

“Change Your Mind – Change Your Life!”

How does Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis deals with the CAUSES not just the SYMPTOMS!

The mind is somewhat like an iceberg. The conscious mind is the bit at the top, which is generally the domain of the analytical, rational mind. The subconscious mind is like the bit below the surface, which is driven by emotions, feelings and patterns! The “Critical Faculty” is like the water level in the picture. It’s the gateway between the conscious and subconscious.

Our Core Beliefs about who we are and what we think we deserve are stored in the subconscious mind. This often happens during our early years ( 0 to 7 years – the imprint period) when we are like a little sponge. After that time, the Critical Faculty is developed between the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. So if information comes in that agrees with what is held as a belief or pattern within the subconscious, then the gateway opens and that information goes in to back up those core beliefs. If information comes in that does not agree with those core belief, the gateway shuts and the new information is rejected and stored in another part of the mind for later reference.

Often we are trying to change the subconscious mind (90% – 95% with just the conscious mind (5% – 10%) using willpower alone. When we experience a trigger or familiar incident, we tend to then react and fall back on the subconscious programs, which results in us being stuck in that old and sometimes sabotaging pattern, to try to deal with the emotions. Hypnosis is the FASTEST way to clear those patterns and free you for a truly amazing and self-empowered life!

What is 5-PATH?

5-PATH® Hypnosis is an advanced form of Hypnotherapy, used to uncover emotional cause for the presenting problem. 5-Path stands for Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis.

Some hypnotherapists and hypnotists have undergone advanced hypnosis training and certification in 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy. These hypnosis professionals are among some of the most advanced hypnotherapists with whom you can work. Training and certification in 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy allows the hypnotist to go far beyond what most hypnotists can do in a hypnosis session.

What is the 7th Path?

7th Path self-Hypnosis is for those wishing to go the extra step to continue their journey to self-empowerment.

7th Path is a form of self-hypnosis. It is a Spiritual system which was influenced by Cal Banyan’s Studies in A Course in Miracles. 
it is recommended that participants first undergo 5-Path Hypnosis with a qualified therapist before learning 7th Path. 

Once you have studied the 7th Path self-Hypnosis,  you will have the tools to continue harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, whenever you need it! 

What is Kinetic Shift?

Kinetic Shift is a rapid method of therapy combining several different techniques to eliminate pain, resolve fears, phobias, anxiety, weight loss, smoking, and even PTSD. We all know that we cannot express everything we want to verbally, so we all use several other methods of communication. This is the key to Kinetic Shift.
Kinetic Shift Technique in four words – Active, Intuitive, Dynamic, Energising.

Kinetic Shift was developed by Karl Smith from the UK Hypnosis Academy after his traumatic experiences in the SAS, as a police officer and then being run over 3 times left him with severe PTSD. This led Karl onto his own path to discover a way to heal himself. He combined several sub-modalities such as : confusion, metaphor, shamanistic, intuition and theatrical techniques to bring about rapid change.

Kinetic Shift technique is the complete opposite of classic methods. You don’t even need to know the cause for it to be effective! 
Carol trained in this modality in 2020 and has been using it alongside her other techniques, and even adds Reiki to the mix to make it her own. You’ll be amazed how simple and effective Kinetic Shift can be. 

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can bring about RAPID PERMANENT CHANGE!

When we do hypnosis we simply access that part of the mind where those old beliefs are stored, then get rid of any self-defeating ideas and unwanted habits, replacing them with new concepts and habits that work for the client. This ensures fast, effective permanent results! Hypnosis is the KEY. It helps you to reach your true potential!

Carol has trained in 5-PATH Hypnosis, using advanced, cutting edge techniques to get the quickest, most effective, permanent results. She also specializes in depression, anxiety, and more difficult cases to deliver more permanent results, that standard hypnosis doesn’t always work with.

Online Hypnotherapy

If you are struggling with the current restrictions and have not wanted to venture too far from home, help is available to you NOW at the click of a button!

Finding ways to process you emotions and beat issues such as stress and anxiety is central to your wellbeing.

If travel is not possible for you then online hypnosis via Skype, Zoom, Messenger or FaceTime could be a fantastic option for you to explore. I do face-to-face sessions, but also have clients in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canada, the US, and all over the world, plus lots of clients who are an hour or more away, who just don’t want or are unable to travel at this time. Online Hypnotherapy is the perfect option for them, and it could be the perfect option for you too.

How Does it Work Online?

Hypnosis is an all natural process that does not demand that I be in the room with you. As long as you can see and hear me, and I can see and hear you, you will be able to experience exactly the same benefits as you would with an in-person session.

What are the Benefits of Online Hynosis?

Is Online Hypnosis as Effective as In-Person?

Absolutely! There Is no difference in the effectiveness of online therapy when compared to in-person sessions.

I also do Online Distant Reiki Treatments and Spiritual Counselling too, so distance is no limit when it comes to getting the help you need!

Help is just a click away!
Book your session online today or call me for your complimentary Strategic Planning session, and let the changes begin!

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Everyone needs to try this. It's an amazing experience and makes you to be a better personal. I can't believe after 2 sessions I feel like I'm reborn again.
Jesse Graham
Word cannot truly express just how amazing, warm, talented and beautiful you are Carol!
You are such an inspiration and I feel blessed that I was fortunate enough for our souls to cross paths and have you teach me Reiki Level 1 and 2. Such a wonderful teacher and amazing experience with such a beautiful group of people whom I will cherish always. Your ability to connect, teach, mentor, support and guide is just ... WOW! Thank you for helping me progress my soul journey and I look forward to many more experiences with you. Much love, light and blessings.
Amanda Parry