Mini-Blitz Workshops

Carol has created a series of free online workshops to reach more people and help them heal and empower their lives.  This will include Pain, Anxiety/ Stress/Panic, PTSD, Depression, Reiki and Energy medicine and more. Watch this space as we add to our list of resources!

We have only just begun in June, but Carol will be adding more to this page as time goes on, to discuss things like Depression, Energy Medicine, the Law of Attraction, Chakras, Spirituality and psychoneuroimmunology (the effect of the mind- our thoughts and emotions on our bodies). 

You may also like to check out Carol’s Healing Support Page with lots of free downloads to help you heal different health challenges.

Below are the Mini-Blitz Manuals to accompany the Videos, which contain knowledge and demonstrations that you can benefit from by replaying and using the Hypnotherapy and Energy techniques to assist your healing process.

For more information and techniques to help you heal different ares of your mind-body and life, check my Healing Page.

Pain Management

This workshop was held on Friday 7th June 2024.

When watching the video you can fast forward through to the positions mentioned here to simply go straight to the part where we are doing therapy.

Download Workbook HERE

Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and PTSD

Download Workbook HERE
Download Workbook HERE
Download Workbook HERE

We will be holding more Mini-Blitz Workshops, so stay tuned to learn more ways to create peace and balance in your own life.

Work one on one with Carol to create positive, rapid, permant change in all arewas of your life!

Carol also holds Reiki Workshops throughout the year, so check her Workshop Page to learn more.

Book on our Bookings page to ensure your placement, however we will also post the Zoom Links and Manuals here for you to attend a Mini-Blitz once dates are organised.

More Self-Help Techniques

Do something for YOURSELF this year that will change your life and begin your Spiritual journey!

Reiki will change your life forever!

Reiki is Love. It will help you let go of fear, hate, anger and worry, and the need to judge yourself and others so harshly. It will help you find peace and balance, and change your perspective on everything that happens in your life. Reiki will give you the tools to cope better in this turbulent world, while helping others to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If you’d like more information or wish to enrol in one of our Usui Reiki Workshops, please feel free contact me on 0413346637 or E-mail:

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Best therapist I have ever been to. Changed my world. Love you Carol and thanks so much xx
Dixie Gozzard
I recently did Reiki Level 1 with Carol & would definitely recommend it. Carol is such a beautiful and inspiring lady whose passion and love for helping those who she crosses paths with is so apparent. Much love to you Carol & Thank you.
Workshop Participant
I was thinking this doesn't work, but after my first session today, I would so recommend Carol Macrae and team @ Mind-Body-Magic: Hypnosis Reiki & Essential Wellness. I feel so good and some stress lifted off my shoulders and a lot of questions answered already! I cannot wait for my next session next week. Thank you Carol for my visit.
Hector Hill