Having had previous hypnotherapy sessions with Carol for trauma issues, I have just had a session with Carol for the Virtual Gastric Hypnoband... absolutely incredible experience. During the procedure I actually could smell the oxygen and really felt like I was in an operating theatre. So surreal. Also, I haven't had my sense of smell for decades and now have it back... It must have been due to the mental trauma during my last actual physical surgery, over 20 years ago, where I partially woke up during my operation. The mind is a wonderous thing.
Thankyou Carol
Paige Scoppe
An amazing person who helped me more than she will ever know.
Thank You Carol x
Jody Rose
I owe my mental health transformation to this woman. Carol has been an integral part of my life on and off for the past year and continues to help me on my journey. Using integrative and alternative health practices - she has given me the tools to reduce anxiety and become a happier and healthier person. Highly recommend her services to anyone of any age.
Kat Porter
The Rural Trader
Carol is the most supportive, vibrant and beautiful person who introduced me to my subconscious mind, assisting me in creating change in my life. Thankyou Carol
Christie Eves
Align Health & Healing
Thank you Carol for helping to remind us how to be our best.
Jody Saville
Such a great experience today, I left feeling calm but also empowered. It's amazing all the knowledge Carol has to share. I definitely will be back!
Donna McGann
A truly exceptional soul. Her teachings are beautifully delivered and her care and support throughout was nothing short of amazing. Will definitely be back to continue my studies with Carol.
Christine Wright
.A lovely lady who inspires me to be the best I can be. Even though we have never meet she has supported and encouraged at every step.
Tracey Cashman
Last week I had an appointment with Carol (we have a long client/carer relationship) and asked for ger to intuitively help me with some issues in my liver and knees. She worked with me using Kinetic Shift therapy, an energetic release therapy. My knee had been shoddy for YEARS. I am pain free today. Even with our shared history I am amazed at how this therapy worked! Carol has an incredible toolbox of healing modalities she also utilises to assist her clients including reiki, schechim, hypnosis among others. I will always recommend Carol for emotional healing !
Amy Hay
An enlightened soul a natural healer and a caring spirit. Would definitely recommend Carol you won't regret it.
Rose Issa
Director, Reiki Australia
Carol has a genuine desire to see people whole. Carol is highly skilled and delivers a professional service. Thank you Carol x
Nikki Sinclaire
Carol is fantastic, I highly recommend her, I didn’t feel comfortable to do counselling but I knew something needed to change. Following a friend’s recommendation I saw Carol and it’s the best I have ever made. Carol was able to empower me, relieve me of my anxiety and stress. I am now confident, I can face uncertain situations, and I feel a lot stronger. This enabled me to be free from depression, anxiety and the chains that bounded me down. Carol is an amazing, down to earth and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable straight away and warmed to her instantly.
Ashley Bourke
Hi Carol Just wanted to touch base. It was 6 months yesterday since my 1st of 2 sessions with you. Still smoke free and haven't fudged....don't even feel like fudging. I am a non smoker forever.
Thank you so much xx.
Dee Pettiford
I recommend Carol Macrae for all the services y she has to offer,she is amamzing
Heather Knight
I went to see Carol today as my arthritis was flaring up and I thought she may of been able to help. She used a combination and I walked out and have been pain free since. This is an exciting new way of doing things and Carol is the best person to deliver! I highly recommend the Carol x
Jenny Amatto
I was thinking this doesn’t work but after my first session today I would so recommend Carol Macrae and team @ Mind-Body-Magic: Hypnosis, Reiki & Essential Wellness I feel so good and some stress lifted off my shoulders and a lot of questions answered. Already I cannot wait for my next session next week. Thank you Carol Macrae for my visit.
Hector Dean Hill
I would highly recommend seeing Carol for any challenges you are facing in your life or even to have a casual chat . A beautiful down to earth soul I am very grateful to have as support in my life. Thankyou Carol 🙏❤️
Bradley Bower
Totally amazing woman I have know for many years. Can personally recommend her reiki courses, reiki, hypnosis and healings. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Lisa Quinton
Words can not truly express just how amazing, warm, talented and beautiful you are Carol! You are such an inspiration and I feel blessed that I was fortunate enough for our souls to cross paths and have you teach me Reiki Level 1 and 2. Such a wonderful teacher and amazing experience with such a beautiful group of people whom I will cherish always. Your ability to connect, teach, mentor, support and guide is just.. Wow! Thank you for helping me progress my soul journey and I look forward to many more experiences with you. Much love, light and blessings xx.
Amanda Parry
Wow simply wow!! Highly recommend reiki with Carol Macrae!!! She broke my walls down and now I feel like a massive anchor has been lifted off my body!! Feel like I am floating and high on the energy of life!! Carol you are a incredible woman!! Thank you for you kinda, caring and amazing energy!! I can not wait to further extend this journey of healing with you to get myself back on balance with the person I know I am deep inside!!
Simone Forrester