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Congratulations! Now that you’ve already done several Hypnotherapy sessions with me to deal with the causes of your weight, you are well on your way to your ideal healthy weight, shape and size, and I’m here for you every step of the way! I’ve put together this page as a resource to build on the work you and I have done together in in your work with me in our one-on-one sessions, to support you and help you continue to release the unwanted weight as you continue to listen to your body and fuel it in a healthy sustainable way, taking better care of yourself, and changing your life. 

As you may know, I worked in the Fitness Industry, owning and operating Fitness Centres for more than 20 years. I was a Fitness and Fat Loss Leader, and also ran the GutBuster Program. One of the centres I ran had over 1,200 members, and many of them were ordinary people, just like you and I, who wanted to feel better about themselves. Back then, much of the information we had about weight reduction and fitness was based on calories in minus calories out, but now we know there’s so much more to it than that! Often clients would lose the weight, but put it all back on again, because they didn’t deal with the causes of the weight gain in the first place. Weight is not so much about the food, it’s a mind-game! This is why hypnosis can help in so many areas of the  

There are lots of reasons people gain weight, and basically 6 types of hunger, as mentioned below. Hypnosis helps to deal with all of them, so we tune in to what we really need for our human needs, and let go of old self-defeating patters.

I’ve helped thousands of clients over the years to successfully overcome negative habits and patterns around food, by looking at 3 main areas of their life.

Firstly, emotional well-being. Comfort eating can often be connected to excessive, stress, boredom, loneliness, anger, sadness or anxiety. and it’s a sign that you are not managing to meat your emotional needs properly, so we tend to use food as a way to distract or deal with their emotions. Sometimes it can also be because food may have been used as a reward or a comfort, or a means of showing love when we were children. In this way we mistakenly see food as comfort, and when we comfort eat, we are trying to feel comforted by the food. It doesn’t really help, but there’s always more feelings and there’s always more food. We mistakenly fall into bad habits, which start to feel right, but are not what we actually need.

The more we learn to tune into our emotions an deal with them more effectively, the easier it is to keep emotional hunger and physical hunger separate! 

Secondly, your biochemistry! Your much more likely to experience food cravings in the evenings if you’ve eaten too little during the day. I’ve worked with so many people who were trying unsuccessfully to lose weight by skipping breakfast and lunch, then wondering why they overate during the evening after they’ve already eaten. Starvation Diets never work, and they turn your body into a fat-storing machine. By eating regularly, healthy foods, in healthy amounts, you’ll keep your blood sugar levels stable, reduce or eliminate cravings, and your appetite will normalise. It’s also important to stay hydrated, as will be discussed below, and to make sure you’re getting enough sleep so you are not looking for food to give you an energy boost!

Many nutritionists have also noted a link between food cravings and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Sometimes a craving is your body’s way of letting you know that you aren’t getting the appropriate vitamins and minerals you need, especially if you’re on a restrictive diet. This is why it’s important to aim for a wide variety of foods, with lots of fresh, unprocessed vegetables and salads, and good sources of protein. You may also like to take a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement, as most of us don’t get the healthy balance we need to function at our best.

Thirdly, the pattern of habit! A lot of what we do in life is on autopilot. In most areas of our life, this ability works well, but it can work against us, leading to bad habits such as comfort eating, binge eating, and night time-eating, when we are basically in a state of trance, without tuning into our physical body and our real needs.

This is where hypnosis can be really useful and effective, as we tap into the same state of the mind, to update it’s instinctive patterns and create new, healthier habits, making the whole process of change easier and faster. In 5-PATH Hypnosis, our air is to help you meet the real demands of your emotions, and the real demands of your physical body, but to keep the 2 things separate, so you make a friend of your appetite, rather than an enemy.

Don’t fall into old habits once you’ve done this work! There is no substitute to personal sessions, so initially its a great idea to have a check up every month or two, to fine tune and tweak your weight release, and deal with any other issues as they arise, so feel free to book in as your on-going maintenance and invest in yourself, the way you have invested in everyone else in your life. I’ve done my part, and now it’s time for you to do yours, and remember,  you’re worth it!

I love supporting anyone who is on the journey to improving their lives, and as you have already taken the first steps, here are some additional MP3s and information to support your transformation.

The Six Hungers - Image: Sex and the City

The Six Types of Human Hunger

1. Nutritional hunger

This is the only type of genuine hunger as it happens when your body is running low on a particular vitamin or mineral and your body naturally seeks this out in the form of food. Plant foods, proteins and water will reduce your nutritional hunger dramatically. The other five might imitate it, but it is only nutritional hunger that tells you when your body needs more nutrients.

2. Thirst Hunger

Historically, cave people ate high water content food. They didn’t have the same access to water that we do so when they became dehydrated, the first thing they would look for was fruit and vegetables.

If you are dehydrated, your body may be craving water-based foods, not a bag of chips that will make you even thirstier. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day will stop this type of hunger and the motivation to eat will go away. 

3. Emotional hunger

This is one of the most dangerous types of dysfunctional eating, and sadly, it is extremely common today. We connect food with emotions, and the food industry knows how to prey on these powerful feelings.  Food is often associated with past emotions, such as anxiety, sadness, anger, loneliness, boredom, frustration and depression, etc. All these feelings are there to help us take better care of ourselves, but the wires get crossed. When we are feeling emotionally susceptible, we try to fix this or distract with food. You need to notice how you are using food to satisfy an emotional need and to be aware that this is happening.

Do you have a particular food that you go to when you are feeling really down? How do you think the food is going to make you feel? Did it make you feel that way? If you recognize that this is happening, you will be able to deal with these sorts of emotions without having to reach for food.

Firstly, ask yourself if you’re physically and nutritionally hungry. If you’re physically hungry, it may be appropriate to eat, but you’ll be eating more of the right things, and less of the wrong things. You can eat more slowly from here on in, as it takes about 20 minutes to get the message from your stomach to the brain that you’ve had enough food. So by eating more slowly and listening to your appetite, you’ll eat less, but enjoy it more.

If you’re not physically hungry, there are 3 main strategies we can use to help deal with Emotional Eating:

Step 1: Name the feeling.
Step 2: What does it indicate?
Step 3: Plan a satisfying response.

This is all laid out in our “Feelings Indicator” from Cal Banyan’s Secret Language of Feelings Below in our Downloads. Once we understand what our feelings are trying to tell us, it becomes easier to deal with them in a healthier way that goes towards satisfying the problem, rather than making it worse!

Dealing with emotions is where Hypnosis is king, because it taps into the subconscious mind, where all of our feelings, habits, patterns and self-belief reside.

4. Empty stomach hunger

When our ancestors were faced with perpetual ‘feast or famine’ conditions, they learned to eat their fill whenever they had access to food. Now, we always have the feast (plentiful food) but never the famine.

We associate the feeling of an empty stomach with hunger but the two are very separate things. Our stomachs are designed to be expandable and shrink again, however in the Western world we never allow our stomachs to be empty. It is actually a good thing to empty our stomachs, as this allows our intestines to clean themselves.

When we realise that an empty stomach is simply a feeling and not an indication of hunger, we can really start to make some changes.

5. Variety hunger

We need a variety of foods to satisfy our huge nutritional requirements. And sometimes you may need to change things up a bit in order to feel satisfied, but this does not mean a variety in junk food! Generally a varied diet consisting of different coloured fruits, vegetables, fibre and protein (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, etc.) works well, and moderating our carbohydrates and sugars is how we evolved to eat.

Are you getting a good variety of all the right healthy foods? We are so overwhelmed by a variety of non-food-like substances that are overly processed and offer no nutritional value that this can make it even more confusing and overwhelming.

6. Low blood sugar hunger

This is that feeling you may often feel around three o’clock in the afternoon when your energy levels are starting to fade. This happens when sugars, starches and carbohydrates is your main food source. It will also happen after a binge on sugars or high carbohydrate foods which send the blood sugar up. The body sees this as toxic, so the only way it can deal with it is to pump out insulin, to convert the blood sugar into fat and store it on the body, to save you from the immediate harm it causes. Our blood sugar plummets within minutes, which can make us feel tired and irritable, give us mood swings, cause cravings so we go back and eat more of the chocolate/cake, etc., and it can also predispose us to Type 2 Diabetes.

If you stop eating mainly sugar based food and your body learns to burn fat efficiently and effectively, this kind of hunger will phase out.

When you eat a high carb/sugar diet, you are teaching your body to be come a sugar burner – quick high fuel, like throwing petrol onto a fire, but the energy doesn’t last long. When you eat a lower carb diet (NOT no carbs, just the right kind of carbs), with a decent amount of protein each day, you turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Hypnosis can help you clear your triggers and gain the will-power to overcome the obstacles to your success. As you start to choose beautiful healthy foods instead of the processed food impersonators, these choices over time will help your health and increase your overall hunger longevity. Short-term diets don’t work! What works is changing the way you think about food and then changing your lifestyle so that it just becomes a way of life!

Why Diets Don't Work

Support Material

Feelings Indicator Information

For those doing hypnosis, to help understand how your emotions work. Please read this first.


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To download files, right click and save to your hard drive.

Download “Introduction to Hypnosis MP3s” to your Desktop or folder, and either import the mp3 files into your iTunes or device, copy onto your mp3 Player or burn onto a CD. Play the CD each night to help you go into hypnosis easily, relax and de-stress, balance your energy, sleep well, and learn self-hypnosis. Recommended for clients to listen to, for at least one week before your consultation to get a greater understanding of hypnosis and have a little practice first. Continue to listen for a calmer, more relaxed life!

You may also like to check out and purchase two excellent books which I would recommend: The Secret Language of Feelings by Cal Banyan, and Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping. Simply go to the websites and follow the links. Colin also has some brilliant worksheets to download for your healing process. Weight Loss Clients can also download a Healthy Eating Plan on the Health page, as well as other useful information.
Then either email back to me, or bring in with you for your first appointment.

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