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Making the decision to quit smoking is always the hardest step, especially if you’ve been smoking for years. It can be a way to fill in time, to distract from emotions or just be like an old friend that has always been there. But for most people, eventually the negatives outweigh the excuses, and they finally make the decision to leave the habit behind and more forward to freedom.

In order to change any habit, you need to want to make the change. No-one can do it for you, and I can’t make you do anything if you really don’t want to quit, so ask yourself if you really are ready to quit smoking for the last time. If so, keep reading, if not, that’s fine, come and see me when you are, and we will work together to give you back control of that part of your life that has been out of control for such a long time.

I offer 2 different Quit Smoking programs, because everyone is different. The first program is 2 sessions, and is for for those who have smoked for less than 15 years, and who feel that their smoking is just a habit. The second program is generally 3 sessions plus a follow up a month later. It’s for those who have been smoking for more than 15 years, and who are using their smoking as a way to deal with emotions, such as stress, anxiety, anger, grief, sadness, boredom, depression, etc.

The first session is the same for both programs. Once you come back after the first session, if you are not smoking and feel very confident, Congratulations! In this case we can then just continue with the second session which stacks the deck on your side to double your chances of staying free, making our work even MORE likely to be permanent.

But if you come back and are thinking about cigarettes a LOT, or are really feeling stressed, struggling or emotional without your cigarettes, or you slip and have a cigarette, then this is an indication that your problem is not only habitual, but has also become emotional and we need to do a bit more work.

There are 4 wrong reasons people want to quit, and really only 1 right reason! The 4 wrong reasons are:

1. They’re worried about the diseases caused by smoking
2. Their partner, children, friends, boss or doctor etc. are pressuring them to stop
3. Socially unacceptable
4. Holes in the furniture & clothes, the bad breath & the stink of the cigarettes and stains on your teeth and fingers

Even though these things can be important, they are not going to get you over the line and keep you there.

Now here’s the right reason:
If you can take that cigarette in your hand and honestly say to that cigarette “I don’t like you, and I don’t want you in my life any more… I don’t like the control you’ve had over me all these years, and I’m through with being pushed around and made to feel bad.”
If you can honestly say that to yourself, then you’ll be 100% successful, but if you’re lying to yourself you’ll fail, and it won’t be my fault.
So now I want you to ask yourself if you really want to stop for the right reasons and ask yourself if you’re ready to stop when you come to see me.

I’f you’re really ready to stop smoking forever, get ready to change your future. Attitude is everything! I never give up on anyone, so I’m making a commitment to you that I will do everything in my power to help you quit, and I want you to make a commitment to me and to yourself today, that you are going to give this your 100% effort, to work with me and do whatever it takes to break the old habit and free yourself from a lifetime of slavery, to become a non-smoker forever.


Before you come to see me, we are going to start making changes in how you look at the cigarettes, and start changing your patterns. Here are some tips to help cut down before our first session. 

  • If you usually have your first cigarette at 7am, tomorrow I want you to wait an hour and start at 8am. The following day, start an hour later, and continue to move that first cigarette back.
  • Do something else instead. Take a few deep breaths, have a glass of water or a piece of gum, go for a walk…do anything you like, but just delay that first one of the day. If an hour is too long, just move it back a half hour, as long as you are being proactive in your own journey.
  • Next, I want you to monitor how often you smoke. If you smoke every hour on the hour, I’d like you to start stretching the gap, and make it every 2 hours. If you forget and miss the time, then you have to miss it, and wait till the next one is due. Let’s make a game of it.
  • Smoke with the opposite hand than you usually use- we are cutting the pattern of familiarity
  •  Change the brand you smoke
  • Keep your cigarettes and lighter in seperate places
  • Change the area you smoke in and mix it up. If you usually smoke in the back yard, go to the front
  • Creat a list of for and against, so you can see it all fairly and objectively

Remember, you were born a non-smoker, and you’re going to die a non-smoker, it just depends on how long you want to continue to be kicked around in the middle. Quitting could extend your life by up to 15 years, so get serious and take your first step by booking your appointment today.

What do I do next?

Book your first appointment! You can even book a free 15 minute Discovery Call or 30 minute Strategy Building Session if you need more information or guidance, and you can also purchase a 3-Pack to save money if you prefer. The choice is yours. I am available for in-person or online appointments, so there are no limits to you getting the help and support you need.

Download and complete your Quit Smoking Client form from below, to bring with you on your first appointment.

Before you come for your first visit, start listening to the Original Stop Smoking MP3s (on the left). Don’t worry too much if you are short on time, because the real work is done in our hypnosis sessions when you’re with me. These MP3s are different to the work we do in your session, but they will get you well and truly on the party to becoming a non-smoker before you even walk in my door or jump online for your session.

Once we have completed your first session with me, and before your second session, if you feel great, no need to do anything at all, as we will just do our second session as planned, to double your chances of staying free forever on your next visit.

If after or session  you are feeling cranky, stressed or anxious, are thinking about the cigarettes or have had one or continued to smoke, it’s an indication that smoking has actually been used as a way to help you manage your emotions, so we need to move you into the second program. This indicates that we also need to get rid of your anxiety, depression, stress, or whatever is driving the behaviour, before you are likely to be successful long term. If this is the case, I’ll send you a link to my 5-Step Quit Smoking Sessions, to listen to one recording each night till your next visit, or for as long as you like, to keep programming your subconscious mind and support the changes we are making to move you towards your ultimate long term freedom and success.

Enjoy the journey and I really look forward to helping you reach your goals and becoming free forever!

Attitude is everything, so READY, SET GO!

Let’s do great work together.

Carol xo

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Quit Smoking Hypnosis

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