Come learn Reiki with me this year! 

Is 2023 your year to begin your spiritual journey and gain life-long tools that can heal and transform your life and help others? 

Reiki is a pathway to self-empowerment. Not everyone who learns will become a practitioner, in fact most people use Reiki as their own personal transformational tool. However more and more people are now answering their calling to become professional healers, in these current times of transition and transformation on our planet. This is a personal choice, but whatever you choose, Reiki will assist you on your life-path. 

When you lean Reiki with me you’ll be learning Traditional Usui Reiki mixed with modern healing and energy techniques, stories and connection, with like-minded people. 

I am passionate about Reiki, because it changed my life. From the first treatment I had I began to look at life differently, then once I learned Reiki and healed my own mind and body I began to share it with others.

Like other life-force energy practices, Reiki clears blockages, balances the body, mind and soul. It activates your whole being, so you walk a path of love, trust, courage, peace and inner knowing, as you move towards wholeness. 

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Workshops Include:

  • in-person classes with like-minded people
  • 4 attunements for Reiki 1, 2 Attunements for Reiki 2 and 1 Attunement for the Reiki Master’s Course
  • hard copy manual
  • certificate on completion
  • ongoing opportunities to practice Reiki with Reiki Shares and connection to our private Facebook Group
  • ongoing support and access to our online Resources Support Pages for each level 

Book a free Discovery Call to discuss your interest in learning Reiki with me this year or book online to begin your Reiki Journey. 

Reiki Level 2:


Reiki Master and Teacher:

Combined Reiki Levels 1 & 2:

Receive a $50 Discount when you participate in both the Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops over the same weekend.

Follow the link to our Bookings Page, then scroll down to the dates you would like to attend.

Reiki Workshops and Reiki Shares

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of Hands-on Healing which channels Universal Life-force Energy to promote healing on every level.

Reiki clears away energetic blockages, and allow the mind, body and soul to return back to a state of health and harmony. It is a wonderful modality for self-healing and transformation and also to assist family, friends and others to heal and bring about change.

When you feel the calling to learn Reiki, it will keep popping up in your awareness till you answer that call. This generally means it is something you are meant to be doing with your life, to facilitate your healing and connect you with your higher purpose. Reiki will shift the way you see the world, help you heal your own life and give you tools to help others. It is a path back to wholeness. Reiki Workshops will open your mind to unlimited possibilities and the magic that is everywhere.

Carol runs regulate Reiki Workshops through the year for those wishing to learn this wonderful modality for hands-on healing. Workshops are held face-to-face, however with the recent global pandemic, I may also offer parts of our class online via the Zoom platform, to limit exposure with other students. When we do come together however, we will maintain healthy practiced to ensure all students feel safe and supported, so we can each learn and grow to be able to help heal our world.

Treats symptoms and causes of illnesses and heals holistically

Strengthens life force energy & immune system.

Relieves pain and stress.

Provides deep relaxation, evoking a sense of peace and well being.

Clears away energy blockages in the body, to increase the rate that it heals and returns to wellness.

May bring clarity and insights helping to improve one’s outlook on life.

Strengthens creativity, awareness and intuition, and promotes creativity.

Helps meditative states.

Compliments the healing properties of traditional medicine, naturopathy, massage, shiatsu, bowen, meditation and other healing modalities.

We do not encourage anyone to discontinue any form of modern medicine or treatments, we offer our practice of complementary therapies as a way of working with your existing program to enhance your healing process.

Is NOT a religion and holds no creeds or doctrines.

Anyone can do Reiki!

For further enquiries, contact Carol on 0413346637 or book online to attend one of our Workshops.

Reiki Level 1 - Shoden

the benefits of reiki

Reiki Level 1 is the Beginner’s Level of Reiki which opens your energetic channel and attuned you to the Reiki energy for life. Once attuned, you can use the energy to help heal yourself, your family and friends. Reiki heals mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can do no harm, but speeds up the process once your life-force energy returns back to a state of balance and harmony.

You'll Learn:

How to channel and feel Universal Life-force Energy

How to balance you energy system to reduce stress and calm the mind

Meditation techniques

How to feel and see auras

How the mind and body can create and heal disease

How to do a Reiki Treatment on yourself or others

How to use your intuition to guide you

The Law of Attraction and your Intention

Crystals, Auras, Angels and more...

Reiki Level 1 Workshop Includes:

4 x Usui Reiki Attunements to open your channel to the flow of Ki, also known as Chi, Prana or Life-force Energy in other traditions.

Reiki Level 1 Training Manual Download (Hard Copies can be purchased)

Access to FREE videos, movies, audiobooks and other downloads to support your spiritual growth

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Level 1 Certificate

Ongoing Support

Reiki Level 2 - Okuden

Reiki Level 2 is the NEXT STEP towards Self-Mastery and Personal Empowerment! Participants wishing to do a Reiki Level 2 Workshop must have first completed a Reiki Level 1 workshop with a qualified instructor.

You'll Learn:

The 3 Reiki Symbols and how to use them

Mental and Emotional Healing Techniques

How to send Reiki Distant Healing across time and space to those in need

How to charge your crystals to deliver Reiki as well as other advanced techniques

Japanese Reiki Techniques

Soul Clearing, Psychic Self-Defence and using your Psychic Gifts

Other Energy Medicine Techniques

Quantum Reality and Manifesting

And much more...

Reiki Level 2 - 1 Day Workshop Includes:

2 x Usui Reiki Level 2 Attunements

Reiki Level 2 Training Manual Download (Hard Copies can be purchased)

Access to FREE videos, movies, audiobooks and other downloads to support your spiritual growth

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Level 2 Certificate

Ongoing Support

For Reiki Level 2, please bring a photo of someone you’d like to send Distant Healing to.


Reiki Master & Teacher - Shinpiden

The Reiki Master and Teacher’s Workshop is not open to everyone, but your participation must be decided after careful consideration and meditation by the Teacher. Participants must have first completed the Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Workshop, and have some experience in Spiritual practices and doing Reiki on themselves and others. The Master’s Workshop is for those wishing to further their knowledge in this field, after completing Levels 1 and 2.

This level increases the Reiki Energy and enables the student to teach and attune others to the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. Along with the Master’s training comes responsibility. Although this workshop is considered completion, it is also the beginning of your lifelong learning, for becoming a master simply means we are proficient in the basics…we never stop learning and growing!

Further Workshops will be held throughout the year upon request.

Although this is a Reiki Master and Teacher’s Workshop. if time permits we may also do the Beginner and Master level training for Seichim, the Egyptian Healing System which works so well with Reiki.

The Reiki Master and Teacher’s Workshop brings completion to the 3 levels of Usui Reiki. Time to share what we know and help make this world a better place for all! Become the Master of your own Destiny!

You'll Learn:

The Master Attunement symbols and how to use it

How to do Reiki Attunements for Levels 1, 2 & Reiki Master

Metaphysical Practices and Advanced Reiki Techniques

How to teach Reiki Workshops

The Seichim/SKHM Egyptian Healing System (if time permits)

You’ll receive a link to download Manuals for all levels, plus other videos and material to further your knowledge.

And much more...

The Reiki and Seichim Master & Teacher's 2 Day Workshop Includes:

Usui Reiki Master Level Attunement

Reiki Master Training Manual Download (Hard Copies can be purchased)

Seichim Level 2 Master Attunement

Seichim Beginner and Master's Manual Downloads

Access to FREE videos, movies, audiobooks and other downloads to support your spiritual growth

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Level 3 Master's Certificate

Seichim Master's Certificate

Ongoing support

I may also offer this class as a one-on-one private workshop if you are unable to attend in the group, or if we do not have enough students to run a workshop. For all enquiries, contact Carol on 0413346637.

Reiki Shares

Reiki practitioners are generally people that spend a lot of time caring for others, but don’t always take time to fill up their own cup first. Our Reiki Shares are about not only giving, but receiving as well. 
When we do a Reiki Share, participants come together and we simply swap a Reiki treatment with each other. With distance and our recent pandemic, this has facilitated the practice of doing Reiki Shares Online.
We use the Zoom platform, and simply do a guided self-treatment. Many practitioners who have attended have said it works even more powerfully than doing it alone, as the intention builds the connection with all others in the group, and magnifies the effect. 
When two or more come together with the same intention, the effects are multiplied! 

Register online so we will know how many are attending, and so we can send you the Link.

Registration and Payment​

Please Register Online then download and complete our Reiki Workshop Registration Form in either MS Word or as a PDF.
You can upload your form along with your Online Registration and payment on our Workshops Bookings Page. Alternatively, just complete and return your form and you may wish to pay via one of the following options:

  • online with your registration
  • via Credit Card when you return your completed form
  • via cash or Eftpos on the day
  • in instalments which can be arranged upon request.

For those participating in both Level 1 & 2 workshops over the same weekend there is a Discount.

Where: Red Earth Natural Healing Centre, 3/43 Macquarie St, Dubbo, NSW, 2830

Smaller Classes may be held in my office at Suite 21 Macquarie Chambers, 69-79 Macquarie St, Dubbo.

Time: 9am to 6pm each day, however with larger classes they may start earlier or end a little later, however you will be notified.

What to Bring:

  • Water to drink through the weekend, a pen, a towel & pillow. 
  • Biscuits, coffee, tea and herbal teas are provided, however you may with to bring a plate to share for morning or afternoon tea.
  • Bring your lunch or some money to purchase at the nearby shops, as we usually go out for lunch.
  • For Level 2 please bring a photo of someone you’d like to send Distant Healing to.

Do something for YOURSELF this year that will change your life and begin your Spiritual journey!

Reiki will change your life forever!

Reiki is Love. It will help you let go of fear, hate, anger and worry, and the need to judge yourself and others so harshly. It will help you find peace and balance, and change your perspective on everything that happens in your life. Reiki will give you the tools to cope better in this turbulent world, while helping others to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If you’d like more information or wish to enrol in one of our Usui Reiki Workshops, please feel free contact me on 0413346637 or E-mail:

Contact Us


Best therapist I have ever been to. Changed my world. Love you Carol and thanks so much xx
Dixie Gozzard
I recently did Reiki Level 1 with Carol & would definitely recommend it. Carol is such a beautiful and inspiring lady whose passion and love for helping those who she crosses paths with is so apparent. Much love to you Carol & Thank you.
Workshop Participant
I was thinking this doesn't work, but after my first session today, I would so recommend Carol Macrae and team @ Mind-Body-Magic: Hypnosis Reiki & Essential Wellness. I feel so good and some stress lifted off my shoulders and a lot of questions answered already! I cannot wait for my next session next week. Thank you Carol for my visit.
Hector Hill