Carol Shares Her Insights and Wisdom

Carol has an extensive history full of insights and wisdom, which she shares with you. Her intention is that her stories will open your mind to new possibilities and in so doing, help you to understand that anything is possible. She feels that if one person can do something, we can all do it!

With this attitude, everything becomes our teacher. If we come with a beginners mind, we can learn, grow and heal. This is her wish for you.

Are you having a Healing Crisis?

On a physical level, symptoms, which are often mistaken for diseases, but which are actually the body’s attempt to cleanse itself, are called a “healing crises”. This can also happen emotionally and energetically…

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Dysfunctional Families

Currently I have a client who is struggling with another family member with mental health issues, who is abusive and disrespectful to all those in

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10 Tips to Feel Better

Here are 10 Simple Ways to Help Yourself Feel Better Life can often throw challenges our way, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or down. However,

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When Trauma Returns Trauma is a shadow that sometimes lingers, reappearing in our lives unexpectedly. But what’s surprising is how it rarely returns as a

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