Are you having a Healing Crisis?

On a physical level, symptoms, which are often mistaken for diseases, but which are actually the body’s attempt to cleanse itself, are called a “healing crises”. A healing crisis or “Herxheimer Reaction”, is the result of every body-system acting together to eliminate waste products and set the stage for regeneration. Old tissues are replaced. Our body is trying to eliminate existing toxins (physical, chemical, mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic)  at a faster rate than they can be disposed of. The more toxic your bodily systems are, the more detoxification is required and the more serious the healing crisis. This is different with disease crisis, which is not a natural one and that works against the body’s natural processes. 

A healing crisis can occur physically from medications administered, or emotionally when we start to deal with buried trauma that must be released before the client can heal. It’s like emptying a bucket so you can refill it with something better. It can also occur energetically when there is a speeding up of the healing process, as the energetic blocks are cleared, condensing the healing to a shorter period of time, which can intensify the symptoms till the system “catches up”. 

Sometimes clients go through a bit of a healing crisis with Hypnosis, Counselling and other types of therapy including medical intervention and also when we are working with energy medicine, such as Reiki or TFH Kinesiology. This is a natural occurrence, but may be misinterpreted if not understood. 

Let me state that a healing crisis does not always occur after a treatment or perhaps a Reiki Workshop, and if it does, sometimes symptoms get worse for a few days, but then they generally get better.  

In all my years as a Reiki Master I’ve most often found that a client will heal immediately during a treatment, the healing will happen over night and they’ll just wake up feeling better, or symptoms can worsen for 3-5 days then completely disappear as if they were never there. Some conditions heal during or after one session, and other chronic conditions may take several sessions to get the mental/ physical/emotional or spiritual healing needed, but always remember to take your ego out of the way and become the observer. This way the energy becomes the teacher. 

I will often let clients know that if things get worse or shaken up, to let me know and I will send them Distant Healing, which will move the process along faster, and generally the next day they report that the problem is gone. 

Remember also that as therapists and practitioners we cannot promise to heal a person, because it’s not us that does the healing. This is our “ego” trying to fix everyone, but we are only one part of the process. The energy flows through us for the highest good of all, but it is ultimately a partnership between the healing practitioner, the client and God/the Universe. We are simply a channel for the energies to flow. The client themselves must be open to healing and letting go of their old patterns, and we cannot make someone heal  or change against their will. Sometimes someone is so attached to being right, or hang on to anger, that they will not give it up, and this can hold illness in place. 

The Healing Crisis is not a new phenomena as I mentioned, and occurs in all different areas of our life, and after many different healing modalities and treatments, such as Reiki and deep work. As many of our patterns have been with us, often for years, or over a lifetime, it’s no wonder there can be resistance to change, and sometimes healing.

Sometimes we get to a point where things aren’t working in our life, and the Universe is continually kicking us to get our attention to let us know that we need to make a change- we get sick, a relationship fails, we lose a job, etc., and we just don’t feel so good. Then maybe a friend recommends a new book, Reiki, hypnosis, vitamin, course, therapist or modality to try and you decide to give it a shot. Initially you don’t feel too much and assume that “it didn’t work”. Then you notice you don’t feel great. Now you assume that the new book, vitamin, course, therapist, treatment or modality has made you feel worse.

What is going on?

When we have issues going on in our emotional life it causes a block in the flow of our energy field (aura) which, if not dealt with can move in through the layers of the aura to form illness or injury on the body. When we do Reiki it clears the blockage and allows the system to begin to heal. 

Sometimes having hypnosis,  learning or exploring something new causes us to take a step back and shift our perspective. This too shifts our energy, clears the blockage and allows the body, mind and soul to begin to move back into alignment and balance, and condenses and speeds up  the healing process to a shorter period of time, which can sometimes mean the healing process is more intense. 

So, did the Reiki, hypnosis, therapy, vitamin, workshop, self-help book or modality create the problem?

No – they were already there but the treatment, therapy, book or workshop brought them to the surface to be released.

How does that help us feel better?

This understanding will ensure you take a conscious look at how you are feeling rather than attributing it to an outside factor and show you the power you have to heal what has been brought to your awareness. Once you deeply acknowledge that the shifts you are experiencing are bits of yourself that no longer serve you, you can surrender to the feelings and sensations so that they can be transmuted into the wisdom you need to learn so you can heal. 

We have a tendency to resist discomfort or to try to push it outside of ourselves or deep within. These tendencies are what cause the inflammation (emotional, energetic and physical) in the first place. If you are feeling discomfort, breathe and sit with it. It has a message for you.

We can get into the technical labels such as Herxheimer Reaction, but the bottom line is that your body on a cellular level is releasing what does not serve your highest good. 

When your body needs to physically eliminate – whether it is going to the bathroom or vomiting, we do not hesitate and allow the process to occur. We understand that this process is natural and necessary. We need to extend this understanding and acceptance to energetic releases as well.

What can we do to help?

• Let your practitioner know as they may be able to send you Distant Healing or give you helpful advice. 

• If you’re trained in Reiki, do a daily self-treatment along with your Reiki Precepts. Perform Reiki on yourself every day, especially in the first 21 days after workshop Attunements when all of your chakras are being cleansed and aligned, or at times of transition or greater stress. 

• Try to see this time as a way to treat yourself with love. Allow Reiki energy to help you process the changes.

• Be gentle with yourself. This means that if you need to rest, rest. If you need to be around those you love and who bring you joy – do so. If you need to be alone, honour that.

• Meditate. The energy that your body is choosing to highlight and release needs to be processed by you consciously. The belief that is not serving you needs to be neutralized. The emotions you have been storing need to be acknowledged and transmuted. Meditation will help you be present during this time to ensure you heal.

• Stay hydrated. Water helps your cells function. This includes helping them release the storage they have that are impairing their function.

• Breathe. We process our emotions through our diaphragm and when energy comes up to be released, we need to make sure we are consciously breathing.

• Music. Play calming, relaxing music that can soothe and calm you and give you space to process.

• Surrender. Try to trust the process and surrender to the release of the symptoms you are experiencing. Remember that this is your body healing itself.

How can we tell if this is healing or the worsening of a condition? 

First, you may feel better than you have in a while. Then, during the healing crisis/event, you may or may not have any negative emotions about the symptoms you are experiencing or identify with them, knowing that if they occur, they are a part of your health improving.

Please keep in mind that these symptoms usually do not last for more than a few days and are usually fairly mild. If your symptoms do persist and you are worried, they are probably not connected to your energetic shifts and you should seek medical assistance, as it may be totally unrelated. 

Trust yourself and your body. It’s trying to move you back into balance and may be trying to give you valuable information about issues in your life that need to change! If we can’t change the circumstances, sometimes we need to change our responses and attitudes. 

Your natural state is optimum health, energy and vitality. Work with your healer or modality to hasten the process of healing and stay open to allowing everything to grow you as you release what no longer serves you. 

Knowledge is power. Hope this information helps if you are having any form of therapy or indeed giving it. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Carol xo