My Journey through Cancer and Beyond

In 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy, radiation therapy and a total hysterectomy as part of my treatment. I also did my own research into cancer nutrition and went on a course of vitamins and nutritional supplements, as well as changed my diet and began meditation. At that time my husband and I owned and operated a gym, and so I continued to teach Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi Classes after my operation. I had a very speedy recovery, going back to classes 3 weeks after my operation, and even taught Tai Chi and did hypnosis for some of the patients who were attending Radiation at the hospital where I had my treatment a few months after my lumpectomy. This was 4 weeks after I also had a total hysterectomy and ovaries removed, as it would be a part of my treatment, to lessen the oestrogen in my system. 

In 2006 I was invited to be the Guest Speaker for the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life in Dubbo to an audience of over 1,000 people and received a standing ovation. This was one way I could make my cancer serve a purpose. If I could share my story and the lessons I took from it, to encourage others to look after themselves too, then it would be worth it.

In 2008 a bone scan revealed a “Hot Spot” on one of my ribs below the wound site. 12 months later after several more scans, it was diagnosed as bone cancer by the Oncology Department. They recommended that I have a bone biopsy plus some chemotherapy. I thanked them for their diagnosis, and said that although that was their opinion, I didn’t have to agree with them, and in fact that I felt that  I was on top of it and would get rid of the cancer myself, as the symptoms had lessened. I also said that I didn’t think that having radioactive injections into my bloodstream every 3 or 6 months for the bone scan was a good idea, as that was a carcinogenic substance. The Oncologist asked if i was prepared to live with the consequences if  I came back in 6 month and it was all through my skeleton. I answered “yes…I know you’re used to dealing with sick people, but I’m not one of them. When I get the ‘feeling’ it’s always right, and I know I can do this”. They then agreed to let me monitor it myself but should I have any further pains to go and get a bones scan immediately. 6 months later the discomfort was hardly noticeable, and 12 months later on April 7th, 2010 I had another bone scan. The radiologist said he couldn’t fine the “hot spot”. It was gone! I went to see Oncology on April 14th 2010 and he was amazed. He asked me how I did it. I told him it was with Reiki, Self-Hypnosis & daily Meditation, as well as vitamins and “Floressence”, (also known as Cassie Tea). He agreed that it certainly was gone, and pronounced me as “cured”!

The Universe has a funny sense of humour! I had moved my Hypnosis and Reiki business to my current location in the main street of Dubbo and was helping so many people to change their lives that I was in high demand, and became so busy things started to get a little out of control. As well as the weekend Reiki workshops, I was working many days from 9am to 8pm without a break, and was booked out for weeks in advance. I was also helping to raise grandchildren and helping my husband in his business, so it was no real surprise that the Universe decided I needed some time out, even if I didn’t want to take it, because I didn’t want to let people down.

So, you guessed it, my breast cancer was back! I ended up having a double mastectomy and reconstruction on October 17th 2014, at Hunters Hill Private Hospital. I was up the next day and the doctors and nurses said they have never had another patient recover from such a huge 10 1/2 hour operation with 7 surgeons. The only pain relief I had was Panadol, even though I’d been cut from one side to the other to remove stomach fat and blood stream, and re-locate it to the breast area. 

I went home 10 days later, and even though they had taken so much skin I could hardly stand up straight for 3 month, I soon got back into my life. However, the Universe wanted to make sure I really got the lesson this time, so the breast that have previously had radiation ended up with some skin necrosis and infection, which resulted in a skin graft on November 25th at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Again I recovered amazingly fast, although I ended up having to have 2 more operations which were minor, I know that there are still more lessons and personal changes I need to make if I want to continue to help others through my work, and my life. 

On a metaphysical level, the breasts are to do with nurturing the self, rather than just everybody else. So these days it’s more about BALANCE and putting myself first, especially in my personal life. If I can do this, I will thrive and learn one of my main life lessons this lifetime! This is always the callenge of the spiritual warrior. The battle with the self!

I know that the mind has a huge part to play in causing disease, and so I believe that if my mind can create it, then my mind can get rid of it! Miracles happen every day. Self-help Guru, Dr Deepak Chopra says that the miracles of yesterday have been proven by the science of today, and the miracles of today will be proven by the science of tomorrow- quantum physics!

Whatever the future holds, you can be sure I will continue to keep working to overcome obstacles, and learn the lessons of this lifetime. And as I learn, I will use the knowledge I gain to help others, so I’ll be kicking up my heals for years to come!

Carol Macrae Journey through Cancer with Reiki
Carol Macrae Journey through Cancer with Reiki
Carol Macrae Journey through Cancer with Reiki