The Breath

Although we take it for granted, not many people understand the relevance of breathing correctly, or using the breath to increase your energy, vitality and longevity. The ancient Indian Yogis believe that we are born with a set number of breaths for our lifetime. Although this may be a generalisation in some cases, and the breath is not the only cause of a shortened lifetime, we can take the essence of that learning and use it to inspire us to get more from each day of our lives. So, from the assumption that there is some truth in the above statement, if we breathe faster, we are shortening our lives.

I’ve heard some people joke that this is a good reason not to exercise, and that may seem logical and rational at face value, but let’s look at the real picture. When we exercise regularly, we find that our muscles get stronger throughout our whole body, and this includes our heart! As the body gets fitter, the heart muscle actually gets thicker and stronger, just like our biceps if we lift weights, so as it gets stronger, it means that the heart becomes more efficient, and can pump more blood around the body with each contraction. This means that it doesn’t have to pump as often to get the some volume of blood around the body. That’s why people who are fitter generally have a lower heart rate. So even though their heart may be using up some of those heartbeats while exercising, they will reap the benefits when they’re resting, not to mention the other benefits that go with being fitter, such as less body fat, and greater fuel conversion, etc.

Another way to slow the breathing is to reduce the amount of stress we have each day. Have a look at the downloads on the Healing pages of this website for some ways to deal with stress. Also taking time to meditate or relax regularly, will have a significant effect on the body , as well as the mind. The Yogis follow strict methods of breathing and meditation, and there are many excellent websites that deal specifically with this. I also have several CDs and MP3s which you will soon be able to download and purchase as a guideline, but basically, meditating can be done by anyone, anywhere, simply by sitting or lying still, focussing on the breath, or a mantra, and just being in the stillness. It doesn’t have to be for long to gain the health benefits. Even as little as 5 minutes at a time can rejuvenate and refresh you, and give you a new attitude to life.

There are some breathing exercises provided in the Stress and the Mind-Body Connection download. Even as little as 5 minutes at a time can rejuvenate and refresh you, and give you a new attitude to life.