Amputation, Hypnosis and Energy Medicine

Using Hypnosis, Reiki and Kinetic Shift after Amputation

Recently I had a client come see me for several issues, including pain, after a leg amputation several years ago, and a recent operation to connect a prosthesis to the bone. 

I explained that everything is energy and information, and that we would be using a combination of techniques to help release any energetic and emotional blocks to reduce or eliminate the pain, along with any anger, sadness, grief, depression or other emotions that may be magnifying the experience of pain and contributing to his insomnia.

Research tells us that when a person is anxious, depressed or angry, it opens up the pain gates (pain pathways), whereas when we are calm, relaxed, happy and in control, it can closed them down. There is always a psychological component to pain, and because of this, we can use psychological means to reduce or eliminate it. 

We can also use Energy Medicine! 

During our first session, I used a combination of Kinetic Shift and Reiki, as well as hypnosis, to eliminate the pain in my client’s stump. I told him I would be ‘pulling’ the pain out of the meridian (rivers of chi that run through the body) and out through the foot of the amputated leg, where the foot used to be. He said he didn’t believe in that but would keep an open mind. That’s all I needed! 

Through Kirlian Photography, if we take a photo of a leaf, then tear off a portion and retake the photo, the energy imprint of where the leaf used to be will still be seen in the photo. It’s the same for missing limbs!

Pain is generally caused when there’s a blocking the flow of the energy within the body. Think of it like a river. When the river is blocked, the water dams. When the chi or energy is blocked, it causes a build up of congested energy, and this can cause pain! All we need to do is clear the blocked energy and the energy flows once more, and everything returns back to a state of balance once more. 

Now the interesting thing is that blocked energy is often caused by blocked emotions, not just physical trauma. So even if there is a physical trauma, accident or amputation, there’s always an emotional component, which can make the pain or issue worse. If we clear the emotions using Hypnotherapy, and also work on the energy component, we can often get a complete release of the pain, and that’s what’s so exciting about mind-body medicine. 

When my client came back for his second session, he still had some physical pain, although it had reduced. We cleared his anxiety, sadness and depression and things started to change more rapidly. On the third session we cleared anger and he started to sleep better. When he came in for his forth session he said things had radically changed and he had even been sleeping right through the night.  We released more emotion then did a Reikj treatment.  He fell asleep on the table said he had not been so relaxed in years, and he left completely pain free. 

My client was absolutely amazed by the work we did together. Before the first session he said he didn’t believe in phantom pain, but he could feel me pulling the pain out if his heal that wasn’t there, and it running down his leg that also wasn’t there! Now he is a believer. My client wants to continue having the occasional Reiki treatment because he felt so good afterwards, He still has another op down the track, but it’s the first time in years he has felt like his old self, is sleeping and pain free. 

Combining mind-body and energy medicine with an integrative approach to healing is the next level, and I am so excited every day about the possibilities and the positive outcomes I get to witness. There is no greater gift to a therapist than to see her clients leave feeling free to live their best life. 

“Change Your Mind – Change Your Life!”

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