Are you having a Healing Crisis?

On a physical level, symptoms, which are often mistaken for diseases, but which are actually the body’s attempt to cleanse itself, are called a “healing crises”. This can also happen emotionally and energetically…

A Deeper Understanding of the Reiki Precepts

The Reiki Precepts – A Deeper Understanding Although there are variations to the Reiki Precepts, their intention remains the same. “Just for Today” invites us to step in to the present moment where we have an opportunity to change our future. When we are fully present we are able to come back to Divine Mind […]

Dysfunctional Families

Currently I have a client who is struggling with another family member with mental health issues, who is abusive and disrespectful to all those in the family. Because of the fear of confrontation with all of the other family members, this cycle of abuse has been accepted as normal and actually allowed to grow because there […]

Amputation, Hypnosis and Energy Medicine

Using Hypnosis, Reiki and Kinetic Shift after Amputation Recently I had a client come see me for several issues, including pain, after a leg amputation several years ago, and a recent operation to connect a prosthesis to the bone. I explained that everything is energy and information, and that we would be using a combination […]

Charge What You’re Worth

Your Reiki Business – The Money Issue The issue of money is always emotional, especially for healers, and it was for me too, till I went out and started paying rent and being a full-time Reiki Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Then I had to be more mindful that if I didn’t charge appropriately, I wouldn’t be […]

10 Tips to Feel Better

Here are 10 Simple Ways to Help Yourself Feel Better Life can often throw challenges our way, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or down. However, there are several simple yet effective strategies you can employ to help yourself feel better, both physically and mentally. Here are ten ways to boost your well-being: Practice Mindfulness: Take […]


When Trauma Returns Trauma is a shadow that sometimes lingers, reappearing in our lives unexpectedly. But what’s surprising is how it rarely returns as a vivid memory. Instead, it shows up in our reactions – those emotional, physical, or behavioral responses that can feel unrelated to the past event. After working with thousands of clients […]

Creating More Peace in Your Life

Today is the perfect day to quieten the negativity of the outside world and tap into your unlimited potential. One of the best ways to increase your vibration is to let go of other people’s negative assessments of “what is”, as it is their limited belief, not yours. It’s important to note that statements of […]