Creating More Peace in Your Life

Today is the perfect day to quieten the negativity of the outside world and tap into your unlimited potential. One of the best ways to increase your vibration is to let go of other people’s negative assessments of “what is”, as it is their limited belief, not yours. It’s important to note that statements of scarcity or lack are not Universal truths. They simply project a collective consciousness of scarcity and the false illusion of competition. Whatever we focus on, we draw more of into our awareness. Certainly you can be aware of the world and it’s circumstance, but don’t wallow in it or constantly focus on it. What we focus on we draw to us. 

What we focus on can either lift our mood or lower it. Everything is energy and vibration and our subconscious mind is always eavesdropping on our thoughts and emotions. This means that energetically we are either bringing our desires to us, or sending them away from us, based on the quality of what we focus on.  To manifest a better life, focus on the energy of health, gratitude and abundance, and the vibration of peace and joy. 

Spend time in silence today, tune into yourself and embrace your inner knowing. Align with spirit or your higher self, quieten the chatter and negativity of this 3-dimensional world, and tap into your own unlimited power. From this stillness we are able to experience our inner essence which ultimately helps to manifest our heartfelt needs and desires. Spend time each day in silently commune with nature and witness it’s perfect intelligence, to connect more deeply with your inner consciousness. 

Release the need to judge and evaluate people and circumstances as good or bad, right or wrong. When we judge people and events in our lives we create turbulence that gets in the way of our connecting with our higher self, and it takes us away from what we wish to manifest. It’s all energy. Relinquishing this need will enable us to find that place of deep stillness. 

Commit to spending some time in stillness and nature today. Release the need to judge. Say to yourself “Today I will judge nothing that occurs” and periodically remind yourself of that commitment to yourself. 

We change what shows up in our life one thought, one emotion, one breath and one day at a time.

If you slide back, just be kind to yourself, and become the observer of the thought and say “ah, thank you for sharing”, then let it go, and realign with your highest intention.

Namasté, Carol xo