Your Daily Reiki Practice

25 Benefits of Daily Reiki Practice

As Reiki Practitioners, we are often very good at giving to others, but neglect our own self-care. Here are some wonderful benefits of doing a daily self-treatment with Reiki Universal life-force energy, that can bring you back in to balancer fast, and help you to become a better and more effective healer.

Explore the possibilities as you travel your Reiki path! 

  1. Release stress and anxiety, and promote a feeling of well being.
  2. Balance the energy state of the physical and emotional bodies.
  3. Help to purify, detox and cleanse the physical and emotional levels of the body.
  4. Cleanse the psychic or subconscious to help the body’s natural healing.
  5. Help increase memory, clarity and focus of the mind.
  6. Reduce pain, discomfort and symptoms of injuries and disease.
  7. Induce a meditative state and awareness.
  8. Increase the mind’s intuitive level and dream awareness.
  9. Help to recognize that there is an existence beyond the physical body.
  10. Help in the treatment of the cause of disease on all levels: emotional, trauma, negative thinking and spiritual as well as chronic problems.
  11. Help in the healing of other modalities, medical treatments and/or counseling.
  12. Help with the ability to enjoy and receive a good night’s sleep.
  13. Promote creativity in many areas, including art, music, writing, dance, etc.
  14. Allow for the body and mind to enter a state of deep relaxation.
  15. Open the channels to intuition and psychic abilities.
  16. Help with anxiety and fears, teaching us how to deal with them.
  17. Help to see the big picture and keep things in perspective.
  18. Help to live a non-judgment life filled with empathy and compassion.
  19. Acceptance and expansion of our personal beliefs.
  20. Being present and living in the moment of the day.
  21. Increases self-confidence to try new things.
  22. Help with family, friends and business relationships.
  23. Help strengthen and expand our spiritual path.
  24. Help manifest our intentions.
  25. Help manifest our goals and dreams
Please enjoy and share with others that may benefit.
Benefits of Reiki